The Pastors, Staff, and Session of First Presbyterian Church have been praying for and seeking guidance on how to best move forward with in-person worship, fellowship, and other activities. To quote Jon Bon Jovi’s new song, “When you can’t do what you do, you do what you can.”

We haven’t been able to do what we do, that is worship and fellowship with our members and guests on our church grounds, since March. However, we are very excited that we can share some of the plans that lie ahead.

The beloved Weekday School will return to their regular half-day schedule on Monday, August 24 using a detailed plan and set of guidelines developed by the WDS staff and Board. These guidelines follow the strict safety protocols set by the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

At a later date, we will also open the gym in the Family Life Center for older adults to enjoy some exercise. There will be more details to come regarding available dates and time for reservations.

Finally, we very much look forward to returning to in-person worship and fellowship. In the coming weeks, First Presbyterian will offer outdoor worship, which will model the recent Baccalaureate service held by the Youth Ministry. Chairs will be set up in family circles with proper distancing, and there will be assigned seating. Masks will also be expected, and we will release additional details very soon.

While services and events will be different types of gatherings than we are used to, we are moving forward with the second part of Bon Jovi’s line…we are doing what we can! Please join us in praying for our church, city, state, and nation as we move forward.