Select dates and times available

Members who are 65 or older in age can reserve a spot to walk inside on the gym floor during select times Monday through Friday. Appointments must be made in advance and no more than four people will be in the gym during the half hour block. Appointments are first come, first served. Watch for more dates and times to be added.

Please register each individual in your walking party. More information and registration info can be found at the following link: (Register Now)

Important Safety Information

  • Members will use the left side door for ENTRY, and the right side gym door for EXIT.
  • Members will be asked to maintain safe 6ft distance apart at all times while inside gym area.
  • Masks are MANDATORY for members and staff church staff at all times during gym usage.
  • Upon entry temperature checks will be taken and recorded, COVID-19 related health questions will be asked, and a record of who attends each session will be kept.
  • Cleaning of any surfaces touched will be done after each 30 minute block and before the next scheduled group comes in.
  • Bathrooms and locker rooms will be available for member usage, and cleaned after each session.
  • There will be no other access to fitness equipment, or to the upstairs area.