Spartanburg UKirk serves students from several surrounding colleges. It strives to be an open-minded community which seeks to provide an environment where ALL students are WELCOMED and can grow spiritually, socially, and emotionally as servants of Jesus Christ. 

On the national level, UKirk (meaning University Church) is a network of ministries supported by the Presbyterian Church (USA) charged with reaching, loving, and teaching college students so that they may be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

At its core, UKirk is about:
+Worshiping and serving the living, Triune God.
+ Diving into Scripture, acknowledging its authority, being claimed by it, asking questions of it, wrestling with it, and, through the Holy Spirit, trusting it as it speaks to us.
+ Encouraging active engagement in the world, commitment to God's mission throughout creation, and love for neighbour and self.
+ Connecting students to one another and to the Church, helping them to understand there is a world beyond their own yearning for God's grace and reconciling promises.

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