The purpose of the Peace and Justice Task Force is to educate on, and respond to, the issues of peace and justice that affect our community in the spirit of Matthew 25:40. We seek to normalize these conversations in our faith community and advocate for and support efforts to dismantle racism and address discrimination through education, prayer, and community response regarding the systems that perpetuate racism including gun violence and incarceration issues, environmental justice, gender and reproductive justice, and economic mobility issues.

Please contact Dawn Bingham or Jessalyn Story if you would like to participate in the Peace and Justice Taskforce.

An Update from the Peace and Justice Taskforce

America’s history of racial inequality continues to undermine fair treatment, equal justice, and opportunity for many Americans. The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) believes we must acknowledge the truth about our history before we can heal: truth and reconciliation are sequential. Check out the work being done by EJI to reduce systemic poverty and assist some of the most vulnerable people in the Southeast by creating new services and support around hunger and health care: