Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Historical Timeline

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bishop Jackson from Cornerstone Baptist

Keynote presentation and Overview of Topic and Data by David Dodson/MDC

Introduction of Topic #1

Address educational readiness and success for low-income children, discuss importance of childcare and support for new families as they learn how to become families and parents.

Wrap-up of Topic #1

Introduction of Topic #2

Interrupt the intergenerational cycle of poverty by equipping and supporting low-income parents – using the 2-generational literacy as an exit strategy from poverty.

Wrap-up of Topic #2

Introduction of Topic #3

Living Wage- Address Family Economic Insecurity

Wrap-up of Topic #3

Introduction of Topic #4

Neighborhood Isolation - Ensure that low-income households have convenient and affordable access to needed amenities and mobility-enhancing “infrastructure of opportunity”

Wrap-up of Topic #4 & Closing