Witness Season February 2022

Angels Charge Ministry serves our area by helping women re-enter society after incarceration. This mission offers a number of services which require transportation: medical care, job skills training, and education. They are in desperate need of a van for these purposes. This Witness Season, please consider giving to this important project. Your gift will be a blessing to these women, their families, and our community. You can give online at fpcspartanburg.org/give or mark checks as “Witness Season” in the memo line. Stay tuned for more information through the month of February!

What is Angles Charge Ministries?

Angels Charge Ministry offers a transitional housing program, case management and advocacy to deter recidivism and to facilitate a healthy and productive re-entry into our community for women during and after incarceration. While in this program, the women receive help with GED and adult education enrollment, counseling, job skill development and job searching, and transportation.

Angels Charge Ministry is requesting support to help purchase a large van to provide reliable transportation for our residents. We currently have 2 old mini vans that seat 6 people each. These vans have high mileage and continually break down making it difficult to get our residents to work & appointments on time. Without access to reliable transportation, our residents face difficulty in keeping their jobs if they are late to work. Our transitional homes are in neighborhoods that have little access to public transportation and essential resources (grocery & drugstores, banking). It is critical for us to provide safe, reliable transportation for our residents in order to help them succeed

By the end of 2022 our housing will increase from 2 homes to 5 homes with beds for a total of 29 women! This is an amazing time of growth for us. YOUR help with purchasing a van is needed more than ever to help the women we serve as they make the transition from incarceration to success. We are grateful for YOUR support.


Angels Charge Ministry
For more information check out their Facebook page: Angels Charge Ministry | Facebook

Here are some Statistics about Incarcerated women

National Profile of Women Offenders

A profile based on national data for women offenders reveals the following characteristics:

  • Disproportionately women of color.
  • In their early to mid-30s.
  • Most likely to have been convicted of a drug-related offense.
  • From fragmented families that include other family members who also have been involved with the criminal justice system.
  • Survivors of physical and/or sexual abuse as children and adults.
  • Individuals with significant substance abuse problems.
  • Individuals with multiple physical and mental health problems.
  • Unmarried mothers of minor children.
  • Individuals with a high school or general equivalency diploma (GED) but limited vocational training and sporadic work histories.

Many experienced childhood trauma and physical and sexual abuse.

  • Women in prison are twice as likely as women in the general public to report childhood histories of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Nationally, more than 37% of women in state prisons have been raped before incarceration.
  • At one institution, 90% of women incarcerated reported suffering physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes and 82% reported having a childhood history of severe physical and/or sexual abuse.

for more information and statistics, please visit the link below:


*This project aligns with our Faith Initiative to End Child Poverty, as most of the women in this program have children. Supporting mothers with sustainable employment is critical for the success of both the mother and the child. Our goal for Witness Season is to raise a minimum of $25,000 to help with the purchase of a reliable van.

Stay tuned for more information about this important project throughout the month of February, and culminating on Witness Season Sunday, which will be February 27th.

Click the button below to give to Angles Charge Ministry and help them get he van that they need. Once on the page, click on the drop down menu under "Fund" and choose "Witness Season."