We have seen his star in the east and have come to worship him. Matthew 2:2b 

My name is Zarima. You have not heard of me, but you know my grandfather, Balthazar, the wisest man in all of Arabia.  

One afternoon, as we sat in the garden, grandfather asked my deepest desire. That was easy! I said, “I want to study and learn and become as wise as you, jiddo.” “Jiddo,” you might not know, is the Arabic term for “grandpa.”

“Ah, my little one, your answer is thoughtful—and flattering. It pleases me.  So, I will tell you a story about study and learning and wisdom. You remember my friends, Melchior and Gaspar? Well, after years of research and reading, after months of contemplation and consultation, after weeks of deliberation and decision, after days of preparation and packing, we set out on a journey together. Where were we going?  How far would we travel? How long would it take? What route would we follow?  We did not know.”

“What did we know? We would be guided by a star. We would honor a new-born king. You might ask, as did many others, what star travels?  What baby is born a king? And you might add, as did some, what nonsense!”

“And, yet, a star did go before us and the king we met was still a babe.” 

“We thought ourselves learned as we planned, but it was a step into faith that started our journey.  We thought ourselves wise as we traveled, but found the source of all wisdom at the end of our journey. We traveled west and stopped in Bethlehem of Judea, but our true journey was the path of faith and our destination, the Prince of Peace.”

“Can you tell me more about the Prince of Peace, jiddo?” “Yes, my darling child, I can tell you much more of him!  I will begin with his eyes.”

Prayer: May the God of All direct our paths and grant us the wisdom of faith this Christmas and throughout our lives. Amen.

Carol Gutman

About the Contributor

David P. Berry is a Ruling Elder, humbly serving the Good Lord, thankful to have a loving wife, Louisa, with whom we raised our 4 children with much help from First Presbyterian. We are blessed to soon be a family of 13!