If you are interested in becoming a member of First Presbyterian Church, you are invited to meet with our session on the second Sunday of each month in the church Library (just inside the Chestnut Street doors) at 10:15am to be received as a member. To give you a great welcome to the First Presbyterian family, it would be helpful to us, but not necessary, to know of your desire to join prior to the meeting by contacting Rev. Joanne Hull (jhull@fpcspartanburg.org) or Congregational Care Administrative Assistant Joanie Shackleton (jshackleton@fpcspartanburg.org).

You are also invited to explore and discover the church our Welcome Class, held three times a year in the fall, late winter, and spring. You may attend the Welcome Class after joining or prior to joining the church.

You may join First Presbyterian Church by one of the following methods:

Profession of Faith

A baptized person makes a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Certificate of Transfer

A person who is a member of another Christian Church asks for a letter of transfer.

Reaffirmation of Faith

A person is asked to reaffirm his or her faith in Jesus Christ.


A person who has not been baptized does so by making public his or her profession of faith and receiving baptism after instruction and examination by the Session.

Affiliate Member

A person who is a member of another church, but temporarily spends time in Spartanburg and wishes to be officially connected to First Presbyterian, can do so while maintaining membership at their present church.


For more information about becoming a member, please call the church office at 864-583-4531.