Join us On Facebook April 16th!

Though our in-person Poverty Summit has been postponed, we will still celebrate the first year of the Faith Initiative to End Child Poverty online! We invite you to join us throughout the day on the Poverty Initiative Facebook page Thursday, April 16th for updates and inspirational videos about the Initiative’s progress and the vision for the future. We will also share important information about how you can get involved in the Initiative even during this unusual time.

Learn How to Help During COVID-19

During this time of continued crisis and strain, the United Way has resources for our community that may be of use to you and your organization. If you need help or want to volunteer, here is a clearinghouse of options:

For information for your organizations that be of use from the recent stimulus bill, below please find a link to the PDF summary from National Council of Nonprofits on the different provisions in the stimulus bill benefiting nonprofits and charities.

There are several opportunities listed on the First Presbyterian website here:

About the Initiative

We resolve to take sustained bold action to transform Spartanburg fully into God’s intentions. No longer will we accept systems and structures that disadvantage people according to race, gender, and economic status. We further resolve to work fervently to transform the structures that perpetuate poverty and racism.

Vision: Alleviate childhood poverty in the City of Spartanburg

Mission: Mobilize the passion and human capital of the faith community of Spartanburg to build collaborative relationships across the faith, non-profit, government, and corporate sectors of the City of Spartanburg to work together to reduce the effects of poverty and address the root causes of poverty through systemic change

How do I get Involved?

Focus Groups...Everyone is Welcome!

The Faith Summit on Child Poverty held in April 2019 was only the beginning of a long-term initiative in Spartanburg to end child poverty. If you would like to be involved moving forward, please contact Caroline Goodman (

All focus groups meet on the third Thursday of each month at First Presbyterian Church Spartanburg beginning at 6pm in the Social Hall. You may choose a focus are of your preference: Early Childhood Readiness, Generational Literacy, Living Wage, and Neighborhood Isolation.