Campus Highlights

Sanctuary Organ

Our exquisite sanctuary organ was dedicated to the church in 1968, given in memory of Converse College voice teacher Glenn Crowder Stables by his wife, Mary Andrews Stables. The organ consists of 2,834 pipes and was handcrafted by the ├ćolian-Skinner Organ Company, at that time, one of the finest and most recognized names in organ building in the United States.

Chapel Organ

The Chapel's Schoenstein organ was dedicated in 1995 in honor of Dr. John E. Williams, the church's music director from 1946-1991. The first Schoenstein to be built east of the Mississippi river, the romantic-symphonic instrument has drawn wide acclaim for its broad musical capabilities despite its relatively small size.

Stained Glass Windows

The stained glass windows in our Chapel were created by the Willet Stained Glass Co. of Philadelphia (now Willet Studios). A specialty of the company is the sheet of sculptured figures covered in gold leaf, which forms an overlay to the leaded glass window.


Our columbarium allows First Pres members, ministers, and their families a final resting place in our church. Designed specifically for the comfort and ease of visitation, it also provides a sacred place for meditation and prayer. The columbarium consists of niches that house cremains (ashes), as well as memorial plaques that commemorate those members of our church family who have chosen a final resting place elsewhere.