Campus Highlights

Beautiful park-like grounds shaded by majestic oaks surround First Presbyterian Church ‘s elegant Sanctuary flanked by the Chapel on the east side and the Columbarium to the west. These three structures are built of warmly colored granite and trimmed with limestone.

Atop the high peak of the Sanctuary roof is the Cross of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland and therefore considered the patron saint of Presbyterians. This motif appears throughout the buildings on the church’s 10-acre campus in downtown Spartanburg.

Stepping into the Sanctuary we see the redesign of the front of the church. The pulpit area was lowered by several feet which allowed expansion of the choir loft and lowered the height of the pulpit. The new communion table of red oak and the free-form glass baptismal font also share the platform. Ministers and congregation are brought closer during Worship.


Our columbarium allows First Pres members, ministers, and their families a final resting place in our church. Designed specifically for the comfort and ease of visitation, it also provides a sacred place for meditation and prayer. The columbarium consists of niches that house cremains (ashes), as well as memorial plaques that commemorate those members of our church family who have chosen a final resting place elsewhere.