Proportional Giving
Proportional Giving simply means giving a portion of what you receive. The outreach of our Church continues to grow and is only limited by the gifts it receives. What percent of your income do you give back to the Church? As you consider your financial support of the Church this year, please prayerfully consider increasing your gift in 2020.

Did you know 35% of our members increase their giving annually (5-year average)?

Balanced Giving
Historically, each year over 20% of our pledges and gifts are received in December requiring FPC to borrow funds to operate. Just by changing the way we give to either weekly, monthly, or quarterly installments will significantly improve how we operate.

Did you know in 2019, FPC had to borrow over $400,000 until December giving began?

New Ways of Giving
We will continue to honor our traditional ways of giving while giving members many new, electronic, and mobile ways to give. The times and technology have changed; your Stewardship Committee is committed to staying abreast of these changes.

Did you know in addition to giving by check or cash, there are over 5 other ways to give?