The Bible is full of stories of ordinary people exhibiting extraordinary faithfulness. With names like Abraham and Ruth and Levi and Lydia and Mary and Joseph, over and over we encounter regular people accomplishing extraordinary things because of their astounding faith in God. These individuals lived with uncommon faithfulness because they understood that God’s story was being written through their lives. The same is true for us today. How are you living out God’s story? How are we at First Presbyterian Church living out God’s story?

The Session of First Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg unanimously approved a stewardship goal for 2024 of $3.46 million which represents an almost 10% increase in the church budget over 2023. The majority of this increase is intended to support additional mission and outreach efforts in the year to come. By approving this aspirational goal, the Session and the Stewardship Committee are demonstrating uncommon faithfulness in you, the members of First Presbyterian Church, and the opportunities we have to make a positive difference in our community.

In our stewardship journey this year, we invite each of you to prayerfully consider how you can participate and contribute to Living Out God’s Story. Your steadfast generosity over the past year has been invaluable in helping us tell that story – thank you! As we look ahead to 2024, we invite you to consider how you might help support our expanded vision for being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our community and beyond. Is this a year you can grow your generosity by 1%, 5% or 10%? Each and every pledge makes a positive difference and enables the church to plan for ministry more confidently and responsibly.

We encourage you to prayerfully complete your pledge card and return it to the church by Stewardship Sunday happening October 29, 2023. Also, you may make a pledge online at or through the QR Code on the pledge card.

God’s story is still being written. The ministry of First Presbyterian Church seeks to proclaim that good news every day by sharing the love of Jesus Christ in our community and across the world. By supporting that work with gifts of time, talent, and treasure you help to add your story to the Story unfolding all around us. Thank you for answering that call!

In Christ,

The Members of the Stewardship Committee

Brand Stille, Chair
David Beacham, Vice Chair

Vic Bailey IV, Liz Evans, Michael Pack, Kristin Hamilton, Coker Powell, Charlotte Verreault, Laura Boles, Kay Maddox, Laura Ringo