As our children get back to school here and in our mission countries abroad, please consider how you can change a life through student sponsorship! Now more than ever with the economic challenges from COVID, our friends in Haiti need our help! Education is essential for any child’s development, but in Haiti, education is much more than that – it is the necessary foundation to escape pervasive national poverty and a pathway to a better future. In Haiti, there is no free, public education.

First Presbyterian Church has made a commitment to helping our sisters and brothers in Haiti, and we have a long-standing relationship with Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM). Due to COIVD and political unrest, we have been unable to travel there this past year, or this upcoming Spring. One of the best ways we help to encourage the work done by HOM is through providing scholarships to the children at the schools run by HOM. Many families at First Presbyterian have developed life-long friendships through the children they sponsor for HOM schools.

HOM operates three primary schools and a secondary school, providing a robust, quality education steeped in Christian principles. Students enroll in preschool classes starting at age three and are able to continue through the 13th grade in our secondary school. Because of the quality education available at each of our schools, parents are eager to have their children attend, with each school receiving many more applications than spaces available.

By sponsoring a student, you are investing in the future of a child and equipping the child to positively impact their community and the world. Sponsorship provides an opportunity to connect with a child in need and to develop a personal relationship that can last a lifetime.

Sponsoring a student is easy, and opportunities are available to sponsor on the primary, secondary, university, and vocational education levels for only $35 per month. Through the online portal, you can search for a student whose profile speaks to your heart and to your family and get involved immediately.

Please consider sponsoring a child with HOM: