Global Missions

Our global missions have a strong focus on the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, and the Philippines.

The Dominican Republic

Our partnership with Solid Rock International in the Dominican Republic has enabled our volunteers to participate in surgical and dental missions, provide student scholarships, and join construction teams for more than 20 years in this nation in need. This partnership extends beyond medical and dental professionals to include construction activities, making it available to individuals with diverse skills and interests so anyone can engage.


In 2010, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake that claimed many lives and left the nation in rubble and ruin. FPC has made a commitment to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti by visiting yearly with a construction team. Through our partnership with Haiti Outreach Ministries, FPC has also raised money to help rebuild the Repatriote Church, a classroom for Barye-Fe High School and build several houses in Haiti.


We have a ten year relationship with our sister church in Santa Clara Cuba, Inglesia Presbyteria Reformada. Edificio Spartanburg was built with pride by our brothers and sisters in this forgotten country just 90 miles from the US. FPCS is working to bring the Provincial Choir of Santa Clara to the US, a rare opportunity considering the country is blocked by the US Embargo. It's with our commitment to working with the Church and Ministry of Culture in Cuba to bring this important cultural exchange.

The Philippines

Through our partnership with the Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation, our volunteers have helped transform the lives of abandoned and neglected children in the Philippines by increasing food programs, furnishing the orphanage, and expanding land to increase the size of the orphanage and school.

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