Health Ministry

The Health Minster is a registered nurse and member of the ministerial staff who:

  • Provides educational health programs and screenings
  • Connects church members to community health resources, including referrals
  • Empowers others to become active participants in their health
  • Offers compassion and a listening ear for those who wish to discuss health concerns in a confidential setting

Stephen Ministry

Our Stephen Ministers are church members who have received over 50 hours of training on how to be an empathetic listener. They are men and women of all ages and backgrounds who have a wide range of life experiences to share. They don't preach – they offer guidance and support.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Twice a month, this group meets to pray and create beautiful shawls. These shawls are a physical reminder of God's loving presence, and of the church's constant support to those in need of prayers and comfort.