What is a columbarium and who does it benefit?

A columbarium is a contemporary setting for the church cemetery. The setting allows for ease of visitation and for meditation and prayer. The columbarium for our church is composed of walls with niches (vaults) to store the ashes (cremains) of our church members and their families. A total of 336 double niches are available in Phase I and Phase II.

Niches in the columbarium are available for members, families and ministers of First Presbyterian Church. Each niche holds up to two urns. Plaques in the memorial wall memorialize members of our church family who are or will be located elsewhere.

Why at our church?

Interment on church grounds is a visible statement of faith in life eternal. It reminds us that the church ministers to the spiritual needs of its members - from baptism through life to death.

Project History

A committee, formed at the urging of the late Dr. William Hamilton, has spent more than ten years studying the concept of a columbarium at First Presbyterian and considering designs and policies. The committee visited columbariums at other churches, researched the need and feasibility, and worked with columbarium planners, McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture, and Landscape Architect, Stewart Winslow. Our priority is to maintain the aesthetic integrity of our beautiful church campus.

Purchase Information

Niche: A niche contains up to 2 urns and includes a cover, which is engraved with names, date(s) of birth and date(s) of death. The cost of one niche is $3,500. A deposit of $1,750 is required with the balance paid in 1 year.

Memorial Plaque: A memorial plaque can be purchased to memorialize members of our church family whose remains are or will be located elsewhere. The cost of a memorial plaque is $500.