He that findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. Matthew 10:39

What fun we had opening gifts at Christmas—gifts on our lists, in our letters. Usually we did at least get some of the THINGS that we EXPECTED. Over time, we came to realize that gifts weren’t always “THINGS” nor what we “EXPECTED” (perhaps a bit of maturity for our self-directed psyches!).

As a new husband and a new physician, another new experience—being on in-house call for Christmas. However, aware of my duty and having always been blessed to have been at home with my family, all of my thinking was about what I would be missing.  Once there—BUSY—a tiny baby with exposure, a drug overdose, a car wreck/teen— overwhelming, as we all scurried about—SUDDENLY—an unexpected feeling, a realization—this was it, this was why I had answered a call to medicine—the finding of oneself in the service of his fellow man. What an unexpected gift of insight and affirmation for me a physician.

Be alert this Advent and in 2018 for unexpected gifts: 
175 years ago—8 people—a prayerful vision—a gift to each of us—our church!
500 years ago—a young monk—the gift of 95 theses that changed all of Christendom—for you and me, a personal relationship with our Father.
2000 years ago—the greatest gift of all—“LOVE” wrapped in swaddling clothes—Our Savior, who changed our world forever.

“Ah, dear Jesus, holy child
make thee a bed, soft, undefiled,
within my heart that it may be,
a quiet chamber kept for thee.”

Martin Luther

May the gift of your heart in love make this the most blessed and holy Christmas ever.  

David Berry

About the Contributor

David Berry is a humble servant and elder, surrounded by blessed gifts from the Good Lord including my wonderful wife Louisa and our ever increasing family of soon-to-be 12.