There is a time for finding and losing, a time for keeping and giving. Ecclesiastes 6:3

Several years ago we added a room onto our house for an art studio for me. It was wonderful! And I filled it with all different kinds of art project supplies.  However, over the years  everything that no one wanted elsewhere in the house ended up in my studio, so that now it is overflowing with “stuff” that has nothing to do with art, as well as unused art supplies and tons of paper!

Our lives, our minds, and our hearts are like that. We accumulate all kinds of things and hold on to them—perceived slights, guilt trips, things we didn’t do we should have, grudges, fears—we fill up our hearts and minds with these things. 

Lent is a time for cleaning out and letting go. A time of forgiveness—for ourselves and for others. A time for dusting away the cobwebs of guilt and deceit, of despair and shame. It’s not easy—I find myself frustrated and physically tired and sore of body when I’m cleaning out all the “stuff” in my studio—but it’s necessary. You may feel tired and sore of heart and spirit when cleaning out your lives and hearts. But isn’t it wonderful to go into a clean space and be able to fill it with the things you love! 
Fill your hearts this Lent with God’s love, God’s forgiveness, God’s joy.

Jane Frost

About the Contributor

Jane Frost is a member of Second Presbyterian where she is an Elder, bell ringer and choir member.