To Timothy, my beloved child; grace, mercy and peace to you from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. 2 Timothy 1:2

To Titus my loyal child in the faith we share: Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior. Titus 1:4

The parental affection Paul demonstrated for Timothy and Titus, his young co-workers, is a beautiful thing.  Grace knew how to do that. When I met Grace, she was in her eighties. Grace was our mother at Fellowship Presbyterian Church, not that we, the congregation, were her natural children, but because she loved us in a motherly way, caring so much for each of us.

When she felt one of us needed a bit of extra love, Grace sent chicken pilaf. It was literally soul food, giving comfort with its nourishment. And Grace believed that you hugged those you loved and offered encouraging words. We reached out to her to receive and were never disappointed. 

Grace had health problems and often said she could not do like she once did. It was a burden for her that she managed to work around by cooking and hugging and especially by encouraging. Grace was God-as-mother to each of us in that church. 

Loving God-as-mother, we would respond in gratitude to your love by passing it on. Amen.

Beth Cannon

About the Contributor

Beth Cannon is a Ruling Elder at Landrum Presbyterian. Beth’s grandfather was the assisting Deacon when she was christened, setting in motion a love for and willingness to serve the body of Christ.