Presentations on Proposed Overtures of the General Assembly

Dr. Tom Evans and other ministers and members around Foothills Presbytery have been meeting for the past four months to work for change at the General Assembly. Historically our church has focused on Six Great Ends of the Church and over the past few decades the General Assembly has emphasized One Great End to the detriment of the other five. These Proposed Overtures are being disseminated to Presbyteries all over the country in hopes that they will join in our effort.

The Moderator of the PCUSA, Heath Rada, who spoke to us Sunday evening, January 25, is thrilled at the prospect of reforming the General Assembly and says he will aid in this efforts and that his prayers will be with us. On February 8, Tom shared the Proposed Overtures and the rationale behind each one.

May 15, 2016 General Assembly Education Forum

October 8, 2015 Sunday School Program

Includes foundations and values, as well as the ninth overtures.

February 8, 2015 Sunday School Program

Outlines the first eight overtures, which were approved in modified form by Foothills Presbytery.