God of Love, as we enter this Lenten season of repentance and hope, help us to turn away from evil and turn towards you.  We praise you and give thanks for all the ways we have felt your love and protection this week.  With humble hearts, we offer up these prayers of intercession. 

For your children around the world, we ask for new life and unity in your name.  For those serving overseas, like our own Laura Palmer, we ask for safety and security.  For those who cannot yet believe, we ask for your faithful love.  For rulers of every land, we ask for your heavenly guidance.  For those who suffer, we ask for your grace.  For those who grieve, like the families of Hilda Cope, Betty Elston, Barbara Sweeney, Jimmy Weller, and the families of the children in Florida, we ask for your healing peace.  For those who have welcomed new babies into their lives, like the Boles family, we ask for your precious care and guidance.  For the newly baptized, like Mae Falatok, we ask for your ever-present love and hope. 

Through your Spirit, may our faith and actions turn fear into love, conflict into peace, and death into new life.  In Jesus Christ you gave yourself fully to us, and so may we give ourselves to you, living in accordance with your holy will.  Throughout these 40 days of Lent, unseal within us the wellspring of your grace, cleanse our hearts of all that is not holy, and cause your gifts of new life to flourish once again.  Each day, plant our feet firmly in the way where Christ leads us, and help our lips speak the truth that Christ teaches us.  In your mighty and holy name we pray, Amen.