The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. John 1:5

Wouldn’t we all like to hit our life’s pause buttons and the mute buttons in order to savor the meaning of this day for us all? Before the end of the next twenty-four hour cycle, we shall come face to face with the reality that Jesus, born of Mary, son to Joseph, has inhabited our world and enriched our lives. For those of us who have grown up knowing this story, it might have become too familiar to still thrill our hearts and quicken our pulses. Having said this, let me speak of this night for a bit before we turn on the world to our senses again.

The days in which Jesus lived were dark days for his family and his people. Life was hard and the occupation of Rome and her minions was even harder. Is it possible that anything could happen to alter this world?

An angel appeared to a young woman and told her she would bear a child that would bring hope for Israel and the world. To Joseph, he said, that this child would save his people from their failures. They dared to believe what had been told them.

Now listen for a moment: In the midst of the birth of the baby who was to be called Jesus, there was a deafening silence. At the moment of birth, before a single breath, the moment when all human life hung in the balance, there was nothing. If the silence continued, there would be nothing, not any of our faith story. BUT… out of the silence there was a gasp and a cry, and from the nothing there have come good tidings of great joy.

Prayer: Creator of the stars of night, parent to our Lord Christ, we humbly ask you to turn our lives on to the goodness of your Son. Fill us with awe and hope. Amen.

Lewis Johnson

About the Contributor

Lewis Johnson is Janet Johnson’s husband (for many years she was known as “Lewis Johnson’s wife”) and a retired Presbyterian minister. He and Janet have been attending FPC for three years.