“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11.28 

Parish Nurse or ordinary saint? No, that should read Parish Nurse AND ordinary (or extraordinary) saint. First Presbyterian’s Parish Nurse Beth Cecil is our nurse and our saint. Beth cares for our faith family.

She is highly trained in matters medical, up-to-date on medical news and tech-savvy. But when Beth slips into her role of saint, she offers care like no other. When you have surgery scheduled, she will consult with you about it and pray with you and for you. She strides confidently into pre-op cubicles across the Upstate, reassuring the patient with her calm smile and offering a beautiful personal prayer to God. Or she may appear at post-op or in a hospital room or in the emergency room. She is a superb visitor.

When I had major surgery some years ago, I found the early morning hours, about 5:00 am, to be the loneliest time of every day. Beth knew that instinctively and that is when she came quietly into my room, just to rub my arm and pray with me. What solace she provided. Healing could begin.

She is our health educator, our health advocate, our health screener. No, she does not provide direct medical care. Her care improves on medical care; it is caring directly from her heart. She shows the love of Christ every day, in every visit and phone call, every smile and prayer. She is one extraordinary ordinary saint.

Thank you, God, for the ministry of care provided by Parish Nurse Beth Cecil.

Winnie Walsh 

About the Contributor

Winnie Walsh is an Elder and has been a member of this congregation since 1974.