Noah's Ark

Scripture: Genesis 6:11-14; 7:17-8:3; 9:8-13

It was one of the darkest times in our lives. The sudden news that our brother-in-law was gone and that our nephew had been airlifted to Spartanburg Regional and was in critical condition, literally put us on our knees praying for a miracle. The hours and days that followed were dark and dreary and we held on to any small slivers of hope and looked to find the smallest glimpses of sunshine and light.

Our world is full of storms and heavy clouds that make our lives gloomy and dreary – COVID, addiction, health issues, financial burdens, and broken relationships just to name a few. In these storms of life, it is sometimes hard not to question God’s presence. The verses from Genesis have been shared with most of us since we were just little children. You may have memories of murals or posters in Sunday school rooms or remember flipping through a children’s Bible and seeing the illustration of the animals being led two by two into the huge ark, and some of you can probably still hum the tune and know most of the words to the “Arky, Arky” song.

We have all been blessed with the beauty of a rainbow after a storm when the rain subsides, and the sun finds little holes among the clouds. The brilliant colors of that arch remind us of that favorite childhood Bible story and the covenant that God made with His people so many, many years ago.

During this time of Advent, we are once again reminded of God’s promise and the coming of the Messiah. God did not promise us a life free from storms, but He did give us the gift of hope, grace, joy, peace, the birth of His Son, and the greatest gift of all-salvation. This Christmas season and time of Advent let us focus on the promise and the greatest gift of all. This gift isn’t found in the fancy boxes under the tree, the glitzy shopping bags being carried out of the mall, or the Amazon boxes left on your porch. Enjoy the gift of stories like Noah and miracles like the one we witnessed with our nephew. Look for the Messiah during the storms of your life and be comforted and feel the peace of the most wonderful gift of all. As Maya Angelou shared, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”


Lord, we thank you for always being with us - especially during the dark and stormy times in our lives. We are thankful for the rays of light and how you find ways to shine even in the darkest of times. We are thankful for the rainbows that remind us of that covenant and promise you made so very long ago. Lord, thank you for the greatest gift of all-for sending your son and our savior. Let your love and light shine through us as we share the gifts of love, joy, and peace that you have so greatly given to us.

About the Contributor:

Martha Waters is a life-long Presbyterian, recently retired educator, and mother to three teenagers. She and Frank recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary are happy to call First Presbyterian their church home. She has certainly had her share of storms but is grateful for those at First Pres that have helped her family weather those storms, have been light in their darkness, and have allowed God to shine through them.