David, an Unlikely King

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:1-15

For believers in the Triune God, the “unlikely ” becomes the norm. However familiar with the stories of the Bible, our recent book study, wonderfully presented by the dynamic “Lewis Team,“ emphasized that the CONTINUITY of sharing these stories over millenniums has helped to develop the theme of One Great Story which reinforces the “significance” of THE PERSISTENCE GOD who “doesn’t let us down…doesn’t let us go…doesn’t let us off,” though, unfortunately, we in our “complex world in some ways … resist the astonishing promise that This Story refuses to abandon.”

We are reminded of 4 “unlikelys” covering some nearly 4600 years:

Abraham (2500 BC)

• A childless 99 year old chosen by God to become “the Father of many nations”

Moses (1500 BC)

• A baby in a basket… chosen ”to lead the Israelites out … of slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land”

David (1000 BC)

• An 18 year old shepherd boy, the son of Jesse of Bethlehem, chosen to become “the King of the Jews”

And ALL leading up to the greatest of “un-likelys,” a baby born 2021 years ago in a manger to a virgin mother and a carpenter, a descendant of Abraham, Jesse, and David who will become “The King of Kings and our Savior JESUS CHRIST!”

“Therefore, …The Virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and will call him Emmanuel!” Isaiah 11:14 (700 BC)

Whatever your circumstances at this time of Advent, be alert to the “unlikely” and the ways that God may be calling YOU, ME, US to His service in our individual lives, in First Presbyterian Church, and in our community.


Our Dear Heavenly Father,

As we “await” and “anticipate,” help us to more clearly see our roles, and more importantly, our responsibilities in participating in and contributing to the ongoing “Great Story” and the work of your Kingdom!

About the Contributor:

David P. Berry is the blessed husband of Louisa, father of four children raised up at FPC, grandfather of eight beautiful little ones (two of whom are proud members of FPC - Juliet and Helen), humbly serving on the Session, and his son David (lovely wife, Brooksie) is a Deacon.