David, Shepherd to King

Scripture: 2 Samuel 5:1-5

Several things jump out to me from this passage. David became king of all the tribes, not just his “home” tribe. This foreshadows how Jesus was savior for all people, not just the Jewish, not just people who lived in a certain region of the world, or who followed certain traditions, but everyone. As I prepare for the coming of the Messiah, I am focusing on viewing all people the way Jesus sees them, as a child of God.

The other tribes recognized David as their “own flesh and blood”. Similarly, Jesus was human and walked the earth, and experienced and dealt with the same struggles we deal with in our lives. The Bible is the LIVING Word and is as applicable today as it has been in any time.

It amazes me at the young age at which David became king. 30 years old! God’s callings often do not match up with society's assumptions of age, or other characteristics. During this Advent season, I am reminded to keep my heart open and listen for what God is calling me to do and to not let my earthly assumptions filter His callings.



Thank you for this Advent season. Thank You for the reminder that You came to this earth to show us how to live, and how to love one another. Please help me take time to listen, to hear Your calling and follow you .Amen.

About the Contributor:

Will Ringo has been a member of First Presbyterian since 2006. He is better known as “Laura Ringo’s Husband,” which is an honor to him. When he isn’t chasing his two daughters, Caroline (8) and Mary Wilson (4), Will works at Milliken in the textile division.