Scripture: Esther 4:1-17

Haman has deceitfully convinced King Xerxes to decree that all Jews be killed, and they celebrated with a cocktail! Mordecai knows that the only person who may be able to persuade the king not to kill the Jews is Queen Esther. Mordecai asks her to plead for her people before the king. No pressure! She will only be put to death if she tries to see the king without an invitation. In addition, she herself will have to reveal that she is also a Jew!

The commentary notes in my Bible suggests that the theme of the Book of Esther is encapsulated in the idea that Mordecai has faith that the sovereign Lord will keep his promise to the Jews and deliver them from persecution whether Esther assists or not. She has a human responsibility to use her position to try. There are many ways I can imagine where we are now called to fulfill our responsibility to be faithful stewards of the many blessings we receive and use our position to try. Helping our fellow man, tithing, prayer, and honoring the sacraments of baptism and communion. I am certain you can think of many more!

Esther sends a message to Mordecai to have the Jews fast for three days and nights, just as she herself will do. Esther realizes that she cannot meet this challenge alone. These three days are their advent. Together, they pray and prepare for Esther to save them from death. During Advent, we pray and prepare for Jesus Christ to be born Emmanuel, God’s promise of a Savior to lead us out of darkness and into eternal life. Thanks be to God!


Dear Lord,

Thank you for sending us leaders like Esther who are willing to do a hard a frightening thing to save others. Thank you for these days that we can all prepare and pray together as we anticipate the arrival of your Son, Jesus, who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we all may live in your kingdom forever. Amen.

About the Contributor:

Kathryn Bridges and her husband Phillip have been members of First Presbyterian Church for 22 years. She is currently an Elder and serves on the Local Missions Committee.