The Promised Land

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-9

Have you ever had to abruptly move to a new home, city, state, or beyond? (I have!) Maybe it was a move that you never anticipated making, but a job opportunity, family situation or some other reason popped up and brought a move to the forefront. Moving is almost certainly stressful: packing up all your earthly belongings (and thus realizing that you probably don’t need 12 place settings of three different sets of China); finding a new neighborhood and buying and selling real estate; considering which schools, doctors, and churches are a good fit; and the painful process of going to the local DMV.

Now imagine this: Abram (Abraham) says to Sarai (Sarah), “Hey, I’m getting the message we need to pack it all up, leave my Father’s house and the land we know, and move.” I can only imagine how Sarah might have reacted! Wait...what? Where? Why?

God called Abraham to leave his home, his land and his family in order to be a blessing to the world. That’s quite the calling. “So Abram left” (verse 4), with one tiny detail missing: the destination. Abraham didn’t know where they were going when they left. But he followed the call and stepped out in faithfulness, and was eventually led to Canaan.

God called Abraham out to be a conduit for salvation. We are all children of Abraham, and his faithfulness and belief in God’s promises remind us in many ways of Jesus.

Can you identify with having to leave what is comfortable, known and secure, taking a risk and making a move to fulfill a calling of some sort? God provided for Abraham, and He will provide for us.


God, help me to discern when you are calling me to make a move and to step out in faith, even if the destination is not yet known. Guide me to answer your call as you have designed. Amen.

About the Contributor:

Kristin Hamilton and her husband Alex have been residents of Spartanburg since 2017. They have three young children: Hope, Sadie and James (“Jamie”). When she isn’t “momming,” she serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Columbia-based Sagacious Partners.