The Annunciation to Mary

Scripture: Luke 1:26-38

Three things always strike me as I read this passage about the birth of our Savior into this world: 1) the angel’s words “Nothing is Impossible with God,” 2) how quickly Mary responded with “Here I Am” to this unfathomable news!, and 3) by the way, your cousin is pregnant too.

Nothing is Impossible

The way Jesus came into this world for us, as human, in a truly impossible way, I believe is the same way He desires to come into our lives each and every day. We all face our own impossibles every day, whether it be doctors and nurses caring for those in the hospital, mourning the death of a loved one, struggling with or caring for a loved one struggling with physical or mental illness, waiting on God’s timing, forgiveness, a miscarriage or infertility, understanding all of the tragedy surrounding us in our world today, the list is infinite.…rationalizing with a teenager (or your mom and dad!), studying for a test, or soothing a crying baby and even the ordinary laundry can sometimes feel impossible. As we celebrate Jesus’s birth into the world, and the way He entered through virgin Mary, in a truly impossible way, may we always be reminded in our daily lives that “Nothing is Impossible with God.”

Here I Am

What if, instead of trying to fix and figure out the impossibles ourselves and instead of trying to manage our own time each day, we just simply accepted what God has planned….no major questions…not try to control the outcome with our own will and simply said “Here I am.” I’m sure thankful Mary did!!!

Holy Friendship

And finally, I absolutely love that God brought Elizabeth alongside Mary in her journey in birthing our Savior. God’s timing in bringing people into our lives is always so perfect. He never fails to surround us with Elizabeths in our lives to encourage us as we journey through the impossible. I love that we are designed to live life together as a church body.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for coming into this world, and becoming human, in an impossible way - through a virgin mother. We pray that when we face the impossible in our every day lives, that you would help us be quick to say “Hear I am” and allow your will to be done in our lives. Thank you for surrounding us with Holy Friendship and help us to encourage one another as a church body as you work in our lives. In Jesus Holy Name we pray. Amen.

About the Contributor:

Mary Elizabeth Evans is married to Sloan Evans and they have three children - Sara Catharine, Anna, and David. They have been members of First Presbyterian Church for 15 years.