God's Promise to Abraham

Scripture: Genesis 15:1-6

We vacationed once in Georgian Bay, Canada. We swam, fished, and went rock jumping during the day. At night, we stretched out our lawn chairs and blankets, and waited to see who would be first to spot a shooting star.

Without city street lights, parking lot lights, and even neighbors’ porch lights, the stars shone brilliantly.

It was under the same night sky that God reminded a doubtful and confused Abram that He would still deliver on the promise He had made. Under the stars, the Creator of the universe had an intimate one-on-one conversation with man.

It’s easy to understand why Abram had been distraught. It had been 10 years since God had told Abram that his descendants would be plentiful, and the wait had been long and painful. Bearing children at their old ages of 80 and 70 was seemingly impossible.

Yet God loves the challenge of human impossibility.

God brought Abram outside of the tent where he had been worrying and overthinking and says, “look toward heaven…count the stars.”

The number was far more than Abram could count or comprehend. “So shall your descendants be,” God says, even knowing that one of those heir stars represented God’s son. Jesus would be born from Abram’s lineage.

As Abram looked toward heaven, he realized that the God of all Creation who had placed the stars in the sky, had also chosen him. He didn’t know how God’s plan would unfold, but he knew God was faithful. Abram believed.

When times of uncertainty and heartbreak come, let’s look toward heaven. The God of all Creation who placed the stars in the sky, also created each of us. We might not understand how God’s plan will unfold, but let’s believe always in God’s love and faithfulness.


Gracious God, help us to remember to look toward heaven and be reminded of Your grace and love and purpose for each of us. During this season of Advent, be with us as we gather to celebrate the joy of the season and the arrival of our beloved Savior. Bless us as we step out to do Your work, especially as we serve those who are less fortunate.

In Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

About the Contributor:

Susan Oldham is an elder at FPC where she co-teaches the Tickled Pink women’s Bible study.