Sacrificing Isaac

Scripture: Genesis 22:1-14

Until recently, Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac revolted me. We’re told Abraham and Sarah suffer decades of childless desperation until God gives them one son. Then out of the blue, God drops by to say, “Hey pal, I need you to kill your boy, mmkay?” Abe’s response: “Sure, no problem.” He lucks out when God halts the execution at the last minute.

God looks like a menacing overlord demanding proof of allegiance by committing the ultimate sin.

I missed the point. I missed an unspoken message buried in all Scripture: Look closer, and use the brain God gave you to find Him.

I thought the point here was obedience. It’s not. The point is what leads to obedience, and how we get there. The point is also what our Heavenly Father asks of us compared to Himself.

Both points get delivered in Abraham’s answer to Isaac’s question, “Where’s the lamb we’re sacrificing?” Abraham replies, “God himself will provide the lamb.”

Look closer. He says, “will provide.” Meaning, later. Not already, and not you.

The point is faith. Trust. Abraham trusted God because he knew His character. Abraham knew his Heavenly Father would deliver Isaac from evil. So, he obeyed. In the end, our Heavenly Father gave them a ram to sacrifice.

Centuries later, God himself carried out the sacrifice of His beloved, only Son. He did that so we don’t have to. That’s how much He loves us.

What is it we sacrifice by not trusting Who He Is?


Heavenly Father, thank you for withholding nothing from me, not even your only Son. By the power of the Holy Spirit, open the eyes of my heart and my mind to fully trust in Who You Are so I can be who You call me to be.

About the Contributor:

Rob Usry is a husband, daddy, son, brother, friend, and lawyer who’s trying to figure out how to do life right. Just like you, except maybe the lawyer part.