The Story of Joseph

Scripture: Genesis 37:1-36

Joseph, favored son of Jacob, received a beautiful coat from his father and his 11 brothers were jealous. Joseph doesn’t do himself any favors by retelling his dreams of servitude on their part to his brothers. Things turn ugly. They want to leave him for dead but ultimately sell him into slavery. Presenting the bloodied coat, they allow Jacob to believe his beloved is dead.

When I read a book, I will give it 50 pages before I consider ditching it for a better read. A story like this, rife with jealousy, sibling rivalry, and betrayal would probably make me give it up before 50 pages. Meanwhile, in slavery things went from bad to worse. Joseph is wrongly accused and finds himself in jail. But read on. Thankfully the story doesn’t leave Joseph in the pit of despair and hopelessness. With God watching over him, Joseph rose to a position of power and influence positioning him to rescue, redeem, and reunite with his family at a time they were in their own despair. At its conclusion this is my favorite kind of story: even in darkest hopelessness, God is present with his beloved. We are his beloved and can rest in the assurance of his powerful love.


Holy Father, when I find myself in the pit of despair and hopelessness, help me remember Joseph’s story and that you are ever present, loving me, preparing the future for me. Amen.

About the Contributor:

Deborah Lemke is a retired Christian Educator, a member at FPC for 5+ years, and a rotating teacher in the Emmaus Sunday School class.