The Creation of Humanity

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-31

I have always been a “let’s start from the beginning” kind of person. Maybe having an August birthday contributed to this in some way, I’m not sure. I remember in elementary school, as one of the youngest in the class, I worried that I had missed something, that my “elder” classmates were more prepared for the coming year. I had a similar dread when I joined my first bible study. I felt, somehow, that I was coming in on the middle of the story. So when I got serious about reading my Bible, I decided to start with Genesis. I loved seeing all the many references to Jesus, even there. I also love the consistency of God’s message of his love for us, and our need for a Savior. In our passage, when God says “Let us make man in our image,” I love the picture of him having a holy conversation with the Son and the Holy Spirit. I also love how intentional God is. He doesn’t just create man and woman and throw them into a vast abyss. He prepares. He creates light, dry ground, water, and food, so that when they arrive, all of their basic needs are provided for. In the same way, Advent gives us the opportunity to prepare for the coming Messiah. We aren’t to simply rush into his presence on Christmas Eve. We prepare our hearts. We read scripture. We sing carols. We gather with family and friends. We remember the story of the babe in Bethlehem, lying in a manger. God’s gift to a world desperately in need. And we worship.


Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you so much for the season of Advent. Please help us prepare room in our hearts to receive the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Messiah. And please give us the desire and the opportunity to share your gift with a world so desperately in need. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

About the Contributor:

Carter Willard Smith has been a member of FPC Spartanburg all her life. She and her husband Louis enjoy hiking with their dog Rolo, and traveling with their adult children, Kathleen and Ben.