The Fall

Scripture: Genesis 3:1-24

We all know it by heart. The tale of Adam and Eve is one of the first Bible stories we learn as children. Most of us have known from a very young age the suspenseful story about the shady snake, the shiny apple, and the banishment from The Garden of Eden. But have you ever pondered how this account, and the one wrong decision that defines it, could have anything to do with the coming of the Messiah?

Remember playing “Ring Around the Rosie” on the playground when you were little? Holding hands with your schoolmates, running and spinning with all your tiny childhood might? Singing at the top of your lungs “WE ALL FALL DOWN!” and landing in a pile on the ground in fits of laughter. The game was fun, but the fall was the best part. From the time we were young, there has always been something alluring about the fall. Thanks to Adam and Eve’s taste of the forbidden fruit, we know right from wrong. We know what we should and shouldn’t do. But yet, there’s that temptation. And the thrill of the fall, no matter how hard we know it could be.

God knew we would all fall down. None of us are immune. It’s why he sent His only son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Jesus is the only one who will help us get up, time and time again, no matter how hard we fall.


Heavenly Father, thank you for forgiving us when we fall. And thank you for sending us your son Jesus, who will always pick us up, no matter how many times we fall. Amen.

About the Contributor:

Carrie Coleman is one of the Youth Leaders at First Presbyterian Church. She and her husband, Mark, have two of their own youth, Eleanor (16) and Thomas (14). When she isn’t working with teenagers at church or taxiing her own teenagers to school, ballet, art, wrestling and MMA, she loves to be on her couch, next to a warm fire, with her beloved dog Penny by her side.