“All is Well” is what my family would tell me in the hospital as I was recovering after our traumatic experience and two emergency surgeries, but it is also happens to be the title of my favorite Christmas hymn. Whenever I was having a difficult day in my hospital room 5615, my family would remind me that “all was well” and we would high-five with what little strength I had. This was definitely the first time in my life when I actually realized how kind, supportive, prayerful, passionate, and loving our congregation and staff are. 

When I was in the hospital, it was definitely the hardest time of my life, and we could not have done it without our church’s support and prayers. Constantly, families were sending us cards, presents, and prayers, which meant so much more to us than anyone could imagine. The prayer services for me, Marianna, and Cooper meant more than the world to us.

The first time I heard the hymn All is Well was last year in December. I instantly fell in love with it and sang it at the Christmas Eve Candlelight service here at First Presbyterian Church. To me, whenever I hear the phrase “all is well,” I think of my mother saying this phrase to me in the hospital, my singing the song on Christmas Eve, but most importantly the many families who supported us through this journey. Whenever you have a rough day, remember that all is well.

Alexandra Poliakoff 

About the Contributor

Alexandra Poliakoff, 13, is an 8th grade student at Spartanburg Day School. She enjoys the outdoors, playing varsity tennis, and being with her friends. She is a singer and enjoys performing as often as she can. She was involved in a serious auto accident this summer and is very grateful for all the prayers and acts of kindness that she continues to receive.