“Hark how the bells, Sweet silver bells
All seem to say, ‘Throw cares away.’

Christmas is here, Bringing good cheer
To young and old, meek and the bold.”

Carol of the Bells is one of my favorite Christmas hymns. Its imagery and melody reflect bells and blend childlike and sacred memories. Its words serve as a reminder that our Savior came for all of us – the young and old, the meek and bold. Our God is loving and welcoming to all of his children. 

The hymn also brings more playful memories. Having grown up in the early ‘90s, I cannot help but remember the movie Home Alone that includes this sacred song. The movie is about a kid named Kevin who is accidentally left home at Christmas while his family flies to Paris. Part way through the transatlantic flight, his mom realizes that Kevin is not with the family. She and the others do all they can to return home to spend Christmas with Kevin and reflect on the busyness of the season.

While the film may be a little less than sacred, the overall theme is one that ties to our faith – Christmas is about the unexpected, it is about celebrating our faith with those we love, it is critical to refocus from the busyness of life, and it is about reflecting on the renewal that comes from Christ.

Next time you hear the hymn, I hope that you are reminded of the joy that Christ brings…and giggle a little remembering the good cheer of Home Alone.

Laura Ringo 

About the Contributor

Laura Ringo is married to Will and mother to three-year-old Caroline. Their family will grow to four in early 2017. Laura and Will have been members of FPC for eight years. Laura is the executive director of the Spartanburg nonprofit Partners for Active Living