One gift that I gave over 10 years ago continues to make my Advent journey very special. I gave my mother a story as a Mother’s Day gift. The main character was a donkey named Drupelet who was born on her farm early that winter.

I took Drupelet on a Christmas adventure. She became a part of a live Nativity scene. Although she felt a special wonder about this event, she really was not sure what it meant since she had never left the farm. When she returned, her friend, Buster the cat, who was very wise on these matters, told her the story of Christmas. She was delighted to learn she could serve to remind everyone that God needed a donkey, just like her, long ago to help Mary get to Bethlehem for the birth of our Savior.

My mother insisted the story become a children’s Christmas book to which my response was, “Nobody would want to read that. It’s just a silly little story.” But as it goes, through the wisdom of my precious mother, this simple little gift became The Christmas Donkey in 2011. Every year, for the last four years I begin reading and signing copies of this book in schools, bazaars, and retail stores through North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, October through December. Every year, the attraction for this book grows, which I can only attribute to God’s will.

I keep a notebook with each person’s name who receives this book. Sometimes I look over these names and pray they might know the love of Christ through this little story.

Thanks be to God for using us in ways we cannot imagine and for mothers who help Him.

Donna Thornton

About the Contributor

Donna Thornton serves on the Youth Committee and as an Elder.