As you all might guess, I feel the Signs of Christ’s Coming through music. Our choirs at First Pres have been preparing for Advent since September, but all the songs we learn all year long. Christ’s presence is felt in every rehearsal, not only because we are learning sacred music, but because our choirs are very special groups. We love one another as Christ taught us and are mindful of each other’s needs. Many of the choir members are my best friends and feel like family to me. I know for sure that they would help me whenever I need them because they follow Christ’s teachings.

Our music leaders, Holt and Marcia Andrews, remind us that Christ has come, through their love for us. They take care of all of us, and that’s a lot of choir members! They are true “Ministers of Music” and great role models for us because they demonstrate Christ’s presence and direction in all they do.

I am also reminded that Christ has come when I participate in services and plan music programs for Health Care and Retirement Centers. Christ’s love is working through me to entertain and bring joy and inspiration to these precious older folks. I truly feel Christ’s guidance, encouragement and strength during these times. As a result, I become closer to Christ and am grateful that I can use my talent to praise God.

One of these precious older people is Ruth Milan. At age 98, she is one of the oldest members of First Pres. I have been “helping” her almost every week for about a year. I put quotation marks around “helping” because Ruth helps me as much or more than I help her! Ruth’s Christ-like attitude, wisdom and smile always make me feel better!! Christ’s love and presence definitely surrounds our friendship.

Pattyann Hevener

About the Contributor

Pat Hevener has been a member of First Presbyterian since 1980. She has a Masters in Voice Performance from Converse College and has been singing with the Chancel Choir and Chamber Singers since she joined FPC.