It is amazing to experience how God works in His Church through His people! The year was 2004; I had been retired for seven years, relaxing, playing golf, singing in the choir.

Then the Church sent out a gifts and talents survey. Among the many questions the survey asked, two stood out to me: (1) Are you interested in having a contemporary worship service? (2) If interested, are you willing to investigate and help to start one? As I read these questions, somewhere deep inside I felt a little push, and answered both questions "yes, yes."

Two years later, the chairman of the survey committee called, saying, "George, you are the only person who answered 'yes' to both questions on the contemporary service. Will you chair the committee to investigate?" Once again, I felt that little push, and I answered "yes."

I knew I must trust God with all my worries, as there was not universal support for a contemporary service. Some members, and even some elders, felt no need for another service. Our minister, David Renwick, was supportive and encouraged me, "George, a man of your age can best sell the Elders." So I asked, and the Elders agreed!

A young, enthusiastic and dedicated group formed. We traveled to many churches for ideas, and members supported us with gifts of the needed $50,000 to start the service. We trusted God with our fears and worries and rejoiced together with each decision made. MorningSong was born!

On Sunday mornings, Fogartie Hall is full. All ages come, love each other, and feel the Spirit. Our talented musicians play inspiring Christian music, leading us in praise as we worship together.

Come, join us! There is always a warm face (as well as a cup of coffee and doughnut) greeting you at the door.

About the Contributor

George Dunn has been married to his wife Carol for close to sixty years. They have three children and twelve grandchildren. He has been a member of FPC for over 40 years and has served as a Deacon, Elder and choir member.