Ah, UKirk. . . proof that sometimes a calling does not come from within. Like many church members, I had little understanding of what UKirk was about until our predecessor took a new calling and a replacement was needed.

Scott Neely first introduced me to the idea of working with UKirk and I had many questions, not the least of which was "Why on earth would you think I'd be any good at this?" I had no experience with college students, didn't even have a normal college experience myself, no pastoral experience, no theological studies background. . . . In my mind, I was probably the least qualified person for this. Turns out, none of that has anything to do with your true calling. This is also why it is important to consider the counsel of spiritually strong advisors as they are, sometimes, God's first invitation to you, to follow your calling.

Rachel Epps and I both went into this knowing that God was calling us to do this but wary of how two people, who'd never even met, could work so closely together and produce the results needed to protect and nurture the ministry of UKirk. Of course, God had this all worked out and it amazes me the potential effect this arrangement has had on UKirk in only 6 months. This is purely God at work as neither Rae nor I could have planned, organized or projected outcomes such as this.

So, for me, I have learned that sometimes your calling comes through a comment, an observation, an honest compliment from another. It's not always a fire burning inside of us. As always, it is when we listen that we can hear God's invitation to us to follow him.

About the Contributor

Penny Wright is one of two Co-Directors of UKirk, the Presbyterian student association serving Wofford, Converse, USC Upstate and Spartanburg Methodist Campuses. She also serves as an Elder at FPC and in several of the church's missions and ministries.