"Service is the only rent we pay for the space we occupy in this world." (Harry D. Strunk) If that is true, then FPC makes a substantial payment each month. The members of FPC are not only good servants, but also faithful stewards of the gifts and talents they have been given. As one ponders the outreach that our congregation provides, one realizes that so many members have the call of God upon their heart and their vocation.

I was but a recent college graduate when I felt the call of God upon my heart and life. Sitting in the audience at a Wednesday evening church service, I listened to a missionary pastor from Haiti with an acute awareness of my lack of direction and a plan for my life. He told of a medical mission project that was meeting the physical needs of those struggling in that country. He reminded us that our human being is comprised of mind, body and spirit, and if any one part is not strong, the other parts are affected as well. I realized that we, being created in the image of God, have the unique opportunity to minister to others—to be of service. Through Bible study and prayer God revealed His plan for my life: to minister to others through the practice of medicine. Little did I know that He was mapping out a longer range plan—for a wife, family, mission experience, vocation and a church home.

God's call to me was a call of service through the practice of medicine. His plan is still being revealed. However, I know that giving back the gifts which he has given me is part of the plan.

Jesus demonstrated obedient and faithful service to us when He died for us on the cross. Being open and faithful to being of service to others is what He wants for every one of us. God has been generous to let us occupy this space on this earth. He's a loving Landlord, and the rent always pays dividends in return.

1 Corinthians 12:5: There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.

About the Contributor

Peter Neidenbach is a husband and a father of four. He is a dermatologist at Westside Dermatology.