The content of this devotion was taken from a conversation with Ruth Milan.

At the age of 74, just when many might be considering slowing down their church activities, Ruth started a ministry. Ruth saw a need for someone from FPC Spartanburg to visit our members in the Presbyterian Home in Clinton, SC. "No one else was doing it, so I did," Ruth recalls.

For the next 18 years, once a month, and sometimes more, Ruth traveled, mostly by herself, from Spartanburg to Clinton to visit members at the Presbyterian Home. As the years passed, our ministers followed her lead. She said of our past beloved assistant minister George McGill, "The residents would call out in excitement down the hall, 'George is here, George is here!'"

In recent years, Ruth had to stop her regular visits. But her witness remains even though she cannot be present. Every Sunday, residents follow our morning worship service on-line from computers in their rooms. Regular visits are made by the Deacon Visitation Committee and by Rev. Joanne Hull continuing the work that was started by a call to Ruth.

When asked about the blessings the residents received from her visits, she replied, "You could see it in the sparkle of their eyes." When asked what blessings she received by answering this call she simply and humbly replied," So many."

After speaking with Ruth about her call to the Presbyterian Home, I could not help but wonder: Today, what needs to be done that no one else is doing? Clearly, the answer simply and humbly stated is, "So much."

Could that by my call? Could that be your call? Could that be our call?

Thank you, Ruth, for your example and for your challenge.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Thornton