It all started with a conversation my wife had for me. A conversation she had one Sunday morning with a Stephen Minister asking for me to pray about becoming a Stephen Minister myself (probably because she understands my gifts better than I do). A conversation which led me to attend my first of many Stephen Minister training sessions. A conversation which woke me up to a call to some type of ministry. A call which led me to a small seminary community in Charlotte where I have made friendships for a lifetime. This call at times has been one of uncertainty. At times it has been a call of utter joy. At times it has been a call of confusion. At times it has been a call of thankfulness. It has always been a call of faithfulness and it has always been a call of devotion, no matter how difficult it has been. As I reflect on all the different emotions and directions my particular call has encountered, I see so many similarities with others that we study. Do you think the disciples were engulfed in a sea of emotions as they simply dropped everything to "follow me"? Do you think Saul was fearful as the light of Christ blinded him? Was Moses confident in what he was to do after the burning bush? Was I elated with joy when I felt the initial call to seminary to pursue a life totally committed to God? For many the first steps of a call are not as joyful as one might expect, but what happens along the journey is when you realize that God has a plan. God will take all these uncertainties, doubts, and fears and transform them into excitement, thankfulness, and joy. God makes them apparent through the excitement of passing an ordination exam, through the thankfulness for being a part of such a supporting church community and through the joy in proclaiming the Word to others. It may have started as a simple conversation, but it has turned into a life-changing journey.

About the Contributor

Landon Hammett is a production engineer at Perrigo in Greenville and sings in the Morningsong band. For the past six years he has been attending Union Presbyterian Seminary at Charlotte to pursue a Masters in Divinity and answer the call God has placed on his life.