I was very lucky to be adopted into a wonderful Christian home when I was almost 3 months old and raised by Christian parents. I grew up at First Baptist Church of Spartanburg, SC where I was very active in the music department, Sunday School, Training Union, Sunbeams, Girls’ Auxiliary, Youth Department, “I Wonder” Choir original cast member, Ladies First Thursday Committee, Chair of the 20th Anniversary and Reunion of the song drama “I Wonder”, and member of the Sesquicentennial Committee. I made my profession of faith at age 11 and was baptized - immersed – in the fashion that Christ was baptized. I felt honored and humbled when I was able to participate in Communion for the first time after joining First Baptist.

I didn’t dream that I wouldn’t be anything but a Baptist all my life. After many years of being an active member of First Baptist – I began to participate less and less in church activities. I began to attend the 11 AM Sunday morning worship service only. By December, 1993 - I felt as if I needed a change and my spiritual life needed to be renewed so I decided to begin 1994 afresh and visit other churches in the Spartanburg area.

My maternal grandfather’s family were staunch Presbyterians – one of his brothers was a Presbyterian dental missionary to Korea for many years. With that in mind – I decided to start my journey to renew my faith by visiting First Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg, SC in January, 1994. I felt right at home from the very first Sunday that I visited and I’ve been at First Presbyterian ever since – joining in March, 1994. My faith has grown since becoming a Presbyterian. I joined the handbell and Chancel choir immediately – followed by becoming an ordained Stephen Minister, deacon and Elder, wedding director, and a volunteer in many other areas including answering the phone to WAF to Arcadia VBS.

As a deacon – I felt that it was important to help guide and be available to serve the congregation and encourage all church members to become involved in all areas in the life of the church including giving their tithes of time, talent, and money.

As an Elder – I feel that it is important and meaningful to serve Communion and to be a leader during worship on Sunday morning. Elders should be available to lead, guide, and direct in all areas of the life of the church and encourage members and visitors to participate.

I believe in the Bible as God’s Holy word. I believe Jesus is God’s only son who was crucified for all of our sins. I believe in the Holy Spirit and God made us in his image.

I try to show my faith in every activity that I participate in at First Presbyterian. I try to lead a good Christian example in the Spartanburg community when I volunteer at the Chapman Cultural Center and at Twitchell Auditorium. It is very important to me for others to say that I am a true example of what a Christian should be.