My relationship with God has begun like many in others in our congregation; I grew up in a church centered family with a Catholic father and Baptist mother, we were Methodist as a family. I was lucky enough to have my maternal grandparents live down the street from us. My grandfather, William Logan Johnson Sr., taught me the most about God and his teachings. He was a kind, nonjudgmental person that taught me how to be a gentleman and taught me in many ways what being a good person, a friend and a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ was about. God presented himself through those around me!

Many of us go through ebbs and flows with God in our lives and, like many, my late high school years, college and early adult years, took me at times away from God. While in college, remember feeling that there was something missing! I cannot describe that feeling but I remember attending a Presbyterian Church in Clemson.....and amazingly, it seemed to fill that void. I am not sure I realized then what was happening. God was nudging me!

I have been blessed with a beautiful wife, Heather, who I have known almost my entire life and, through a series of strange twists, we ended up finding one another and have been married for 15 years. I love her more every day we are together! We have two beautiful, healthy children and the three (Heather, Logan, Claire) have taught me more about the power of God and prayer than ever imaged. I thank God for them! God had a plan for us!

We joined First Presbyterian Church in 2004, mostly because of the friends we had made since moving to Spartanburg. For many years, we sat on the sidelines so to speak, we were a part of the church, but we were not a part of the church! I was involved, but I was not involved. We have been through 4 ministers over our time at FPS and leaders seemed to come in go. There was something that I realized kept us at First Presbyterian, it was the church family that we had formed with one consistent leader....The Lord Jesus Christ. God wanted us at First Presbyterian!

For most of my adult life, I have felt that I am not a “good enough" Christian to be a leader in the church and even had those feelings when I was asked to serve as a Deacon. I don't know the Bible inside and out, don't have 100% attendance record, I am not the best prayer...and could go on! After attending the leadership training, I finally realized that God saw something in me and called me to serve. I Believe in God the Father Almighty. Believe in Jesus Christ our Savior.