Faith, in a broad sense, is a belief or trust in something that can't easily be seen or touched. It is a confidence that something will happen even when there's no proof that it will, and in a religious context it's the foundation for our belief and confidence in words that were written centuries ago.

The Bible is God's set of instructions to us, words and passages to show us how to live in peace, full of happiness, free from the burdens present in the world. Believing this is His word. I have to believe it was written as He intended, with some passages unambiguous and some less so. In passages that are open to interpretation God knows that His faithful followers will disagree at times, but as his instructions remain to love and live with each other, I firmly believe he does not intend these disagreements to divide us.

I believe that prayer connects us with God, allowing us to communicate our concerns and desires and knowing that through prayer these will be received by God. Part of prayer is understanding that God's answers aren't always exactly what we asked for, but believing that He answers with what is best for us.

I believe that our church is a community of Christians, a place where we can worship together, share our experiences, and minister to each other and the outside world as God calls us to do. It is a place where egos are not necessary, animosity is fruitless, and love for each other is where discussions begin and end.

Grace plays a large role in sustaining faith. Given many, many opportunities to punish me for my sins, God has pardoned me in every instance, giving me the faith the He will do as he says in scripture. I believe firmly that Jesus is the reason for this Grace.

I believe there is much about God we don't understand and that our science is incapable of explaining. Again, faith carries us through the unknown and unknowable.