The music we most look forward to hearing during the holiday season is not performed from the lofts of our church choir, the stage of a theater hall, or a high dollar television production. Rather, it is heard with our backs to the source, our three children singing from the rear seat of our Toyota Sequoia. Tyler, Savannah, and Cooper entertain us yearly with their enthusiastic renditions of the classic Christmas carols. Our favorites include Away in a Manger and Go Tell it on the Mountain.

We are often treated to a diversity of keys and pitch, along with some creative renditions of lyrics (“In Excelsis Deo” always comes out interestingly), but the product is always perfect in our opinion! During what is a very busy time, the 15 to 20 minutes of singing that we do in the car as we hustle to the next ball practice or school event oftentimes turns into an informal but  meaningful family time of informal worship. Their singing takes us back to memories of our childhood when we were the ones in the backseat singing, reminds us of our hope in Christ, and uplifts our spirits.

We are thankful for all of God’s blessings to us, specifically for our children, but most of all for the gift of His son Jesus Christ. Please consider giving Him praise today as you head down the road by belting out your favorite Christmas Carol. Regardless of vocal ability, if sung with adoration while in the car, the product will be perfect! Merry Christmas to all!

Brandon and Melanie Davis

About the Contributor

Brandon and Melanie Davis have been members of FPC since 2006. Brandon is a physician with Medical Group of the Carolinas, and Melanie is a dentist with Carolina Dental Alliance. They are the proud parents of three children, Tyler, 10, Savannah, 8, and Cooper, 5.