March 31, 2020

Today if you hear His voice, don’t have stubborn hearts… Hebrews 3:15

Sometimes the Holy Spirit calls us to do small things which impact people and ways we will never fully know. After reading Come Be My Light, a book about the inner thoughts of Mother Teresa, I asked our minister to please read it in order to have someone to discuss it with. He agreed to take it with him on the mission trip to Cuba two days later. While there, on the bus, their guide and translator brought up the topic of Mother Teresa. Being Catholic, he was disturbed because some implied that she had lost her faith in God. He asked if our minister was familiar with the book about it. I’m sure you know the rest. The answer was “yes” and the mission team gave him my book. I call it a gift from the Holy Spirit. He would never have been able to find that book in Cuba, much less afford it.

I’ve never met the man, but it still gives me great joy that God found such a wonderful mission for me. I was unaware of my mission, but thankfully I listened to that small voice in my mind and heart. Listen for God’s call. It may be just a whisper but it can have great meaning for someone.

Dear God, open my ears and my heart to receive your calls so that I may be an instrument of your love. Amen

Lynn Edwards

About the Contributor:
Lynn Edwards is a Sunday School teacher, Bible Study teacher, and an Elder at First Presbyterian Church.