In Ephesians 4:1 Paul says, I therefore beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called . . .

I felt God's call on my life in my teen years and then I found that the calls kept coming. I finally married my aunt's student pastor and then moved into a church parsonage where the calls came one after another. I firmly believe in God's call on our lives and I believe if God calls, He is also there to see us through it!

I will tell you about one of the many calls from my past. Aaron, my husband, had finished college and seminary and then spent two years as a full-time pastor. (Remember Laura Palmer's time with us here before she was able to go off to the Navy?)

Then we moved to Ft. Knox, Kentucky and the call came during the Vietnam war. The Department of the Army moved medical people and medical equipment from everywhere to Ft. Knox. Since it was field equipment, everyone assumed it was going to be a field hospital and would be located in Vietnam. Aaron left us a couple of days before Thanksgiving. After their planes (5 cargo planes for personnel and equipment) left San Francisco, they were told that they were going to Japan and their families would be following. (No instant messaging in those days.)

We already had Sheryl and Lisa, and I was 7 months pregnant with Lynne when I got orders to fly to Japan on January 16 from Dayton, Ohio. Sheryl was in 4th grade and Lisa was in kindergarten. I had never flown before, but a man sitting with Sheryl told me how to get through the Chicago airport to get on to San Francisco. The Department of the Army had written me that I needed to get a redcap there and he would take our luggage and lead us to a nearby bus that would take us to Travis Air Base. We arrived there and found bachelor officers' quarters amid noisy planes going in and out all night. The next morning, we flew to Alaska and landed on the runway with snow higher than the wings on our plane. Then we flew down to Tachikawa Air Base near Tokyo, and Aaron met us there for 3 wonderful years and a successful delivery of Lynne!

With no previous flight experience, I had to thank God for taking us through so smoothly. And in today's world, I still find myself in situations where I just have to stop and say, "Thank you, God."

During this Lenten Season, let us be more aware and willing to answer God's call on our lives.

About the Contributor

Donna has been a member of FPC since 2009. She has been a Deacon and is currently involved in Stephen Ministry, Circle 2 and the Purnell Sunday School Class. On Sunday afternoons, she enjoys visiting the residents of White Oaks and showing the FPC Sunday Worship Service.