Romans 10:17: So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the word of Christ.

Have you heard the Word?

God gives us resources and talents to enable all of us to experience Christ and His Word both inside and outside of the walls of our church.

Have you spread the Good News?

Use our resources to proclaim the Gospel beyond the walls of our church, even nationwide and worldwide.

Have you given comfort to the people?

Bring the Word to those unable to attend church or Sunday school. Expand the walls of our church!

Are you a part of the body of Christ?

Assemble people with different gifts to enable others to experience God's grace and mercy.

Can you worship God and live His Word?

We use our gifts to allow all of us to worship and learn the Word of God. It is up to each of us to apply the Word to our daily lives.

About the Contributor

Tom King is an Elder and chairman of the Audio Video committee. He became involved with the sound ministry in the 1990s after somewhat reluctantly accepting an invitation from Mark Wall. In accepting the call he has realized that even seemingly mundane jobs can have a huge impact on the body of Christ.