When I reflect on the times in my life that I most felt God's presence calling me to do His work in a specific way, there are two instances in particular that come to mind.

The first was back in 1999. I had left teaching for seven years to work in a law firm by day (it paid the bills) and as a part time church choir director by night-the job that brought me pure joy! However, I missed the students and I missed what I felt was an important way to make a difference in the lives of so many children. God then opened an incredible door and provided me with a "mission field" where I could share God's work in my life through music. I spent the next six years as the choir director at Lake Highlands Freshman Center-a wonderful school in North Dallas. So many phenomenal opportunities happened during that time, taking my career to a height I could only dream possible!

As much as I loved my job and the people I was working with, in 2005, God opened another door that became overwhelmingly obvious as the one I should walk through and begin another journey. I had to choose between career and family. I thought career would be the wiser choice. However, God had other plans for me. Instead, I took a tremendous step out on faith and chose family. I moved from Dallas, Texas to Spartanburg, SC to be closer to my sister, Lynne, and her family. Little did I know what was lying ahead. First of all, my new "mission field" became McCracken Jr. High. My new church home became First Pres, and my new journey involved a niece born eight months after my arrival here and a very unexpected diagnosis of my father's pancreatic cancer. Little did I know my world was about to crumble. We were able to move my parents to Spartanburg where I was fortunate enough to be able to share my home with Mama and Daddy for the last six months of his life. The man who was most responsible for instilling a love of music and a love for Christ was withering away right in front of me. My faith was being tested in an indescribable way. My hope and my joy were slipping away and I had absolutely no control over any of it!

Then, Lee Close approached me and asked if I would be willing to be on a team to research the MorningSong services. I met regularly with Lee, George Dunn, Holt Andrews, David Renwick, and a team of wonderfully spiritual people who had no idea the impact they were making in my life. . . literally saving me! I saw faith, hope and joy in the MorningSong team and through powerful prayer, God brought me through an all consuming darkness.

My journey continues with precious friendships, wonderful musical outlets with the MorningSong Band, the Chancel Choir, the Chamber Singers, memorable times with my family and my new "mission field"-Spartanburg High School Choral program. Through the powerful ministry of First Pres., and being willing to step out on faith and listen to God's call, He has once again brought faith, hope and joy back into my life!!

About the Contributor

Lisa has lived in Spartanburg for the past ten years after having spent the previous twenty years teaching and working in Dallas, Texas. She spent the first five years in Spartanburg working as the choir director at McCracken Jr. High and is now the Assistant Choir Director at Spartanburg High School. When she is not teaching or spending time at the church, she enjoys hanging out at home with her two wonderful Springer Spaniels (Lily and Scout).